April 15, 2024

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Gotham Knights Is the Next DC Game From Batman: Arkham Origins Studio

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Gotham Knights — we finally have the title for the next DC game from Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montréal. At DC FanDome, the Canadian studio lifted the lid on Gotham Knights, giving us our first look at what to expect from the co-op game. It’s set in a world where Batman / Bruce Wayne, which makes room for new heroes. The first Gotham Knights trailer confirmed the presence of Batgirl and the Court of Owls, as had previously been teased, alongside the inclusion of Robin and Nightwing as playable characters in addition to Batgirl. Mr. Freeze is also among the villains on Gotham Knights.

WB Games Montréal had been working on Gotham Knights for two and a half years now, with the studio’s lead game designer Osama Dorias revealing in late 2018 that they had two DC titles in development. Gotham Knights was clearly one of them. WB Games Montréal has been teasing Gotham Knights since September last year, initially releasing symbols that referenced the Court of Owls and using the tagline “Capture the Knight”. Then in January, it put up the Gotham City Police Department logo on its Twitter account, with the caption “redacted”.

That word would come in use again just this week, as WB Games Montréal created a new website r3dakt3d.com to tease its new DC game. Though the contents of r3dakt3d.com were largely hidden behind a series of four codes that unlock one after the other on separate days, Internet sleuths seemingly figured it out and claimed that Batgirl would be part of Gotham Knights, as we now know. What we didn’t know then was the extent of Batgirl’s role.

At DC FanDome, WB Games Montréal also gave us eight minutes of gameplay, showing us what it’s like to play the game solo and in co-op.

Gotham Knights will release in 2021. No platforms have been announced, but expect PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X to be included.

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