Voicemod Launches “Bits” for Twitch: What They Are and How They Work


We get it. Keeping your Twitch live streams fresh can be a difficult ask. It isn’t easy to come up with new content every day; even seasoned pros can struggle at times.

Even if subscriptions to your Twitch channel are growing by the day, there’s always room for improvement. Introducing Voicemod Bits; a brand new way to monetize your stream and improve engagement. Not only that, but you can gamify your stream itself in the process.

Allow us to explain…

Voicemod Launches “Bits” Twitch Extension

Twitch users are in for a treat, as Voicemod has launched its brand new extension for the live streaming platform; Voicemod Bits.

Using the Voicemod Bits Twitch extension, you can add audio effects to your stream, which your subscribers can augment in real time.

Not only does this add an extra layer of excitement to proceedings (and probably a fair amount of humor, too), it also allows you to gamify your content, drawing your audience even further into the experience you’re creating for them. Plus, it allows you to monetize your stream using audio augmentation (that has to be a bonus).

Voicemod Bits is available now over at Voicemod.com. Want to know more about this newfangled streaming sensation? Read on.

Download: Voicemod for Windows (Free, Pro subscription available)

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What Is Voicemod Bits?

As mentioned, Voicemod Bits is an extension for Twitch that allows you to augment your audio in real time. But what exactly are you and your subscribers going to augment? Well, the Voicemod part might give it away… that’s right, you’re augmenting your voice!

Voicemod is a free application that offers a wide range of tools to aid streamers in creating truly engaging content for their subscribers. Voicemod Bits is a tool available within the Voicemod ecosystem.

Using Voicemod Bits, your Twitch viewers can change how your voice sounds, from a range of presets. If you have a Voicemod Pro subscription, then you also have access to the Voicemod Voicelab, which allows you to import your own voice presets into the Voicemod Bits extension, for added customization. You can also access Voicemod’s library of sound effects for even more audio mayhem.

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How Does Voicemod Bits Work?

girl using Voicemod with Elgato to stream

Essentially, once you’ve installed the Voicemod Bits extension in Twitch, you’re ready to add voice augmentation options to your stream.

Before you start streaming, Voicemod Bits allows you to arrange your voice presets—as options for your viewers to choose from—via the Twitch Plugin menu option. It is simply a case of adding the voices you like (or creating your own in Voicelab and adding those) and selecting how long each effect lasts for.

Here, you can also monetize each voice. So, you can define how much it costs for a subscriber to launch the voice effect. Your viewer wants your voice to go so high pitched you attract all the bats in a 30-mile radius? That’ll be one of your finest American dollars, please. So deep that only whales can respond? That’ll cost them two dollars, then. It’s as easy as that.

With your Twitch stream now running and in full swing, subscribers can change your voice using an on-screen panel. The effect lasts for however long you stated during the setup process, before returning your voice to normal. You have full control behind the scenes, should you wish to pause and resume voice augmentation.

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Energize and Monetize Your Twitch Stream

Now you can see how Voicemod Bits can help you drive engagement with your Twitch channel, bringing in more subscribers and more monetization options to your stream. There are plenty of ways you can make it big on Twitch; adding voice augmentation could be the break your stream needs.

Twitch streamer next to his setup

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